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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Brewbaker considering Senate run

Montgomery businessman and former state legislator Dick Brewbaker said Wednesday he is considering a run for the state Senate and intends to form a committee in June, when candidates can begin to raise money.
The Republican said his plans will depend on state Sen. Larry Dixon, R-Montgomery, who is in his seventh term in the Senate.
"Sen. Dixon has done a really good job," Brewbaker said. "A lot of my decision will depend on what Larry does. If Larry runs for reelection, I probably won't run. I'm not saying 'under no circumstances will I run against him.'"
Dixon said he has not decided whether he will run again in 2010.
"I still have a year and a half to go in this term," the senator said. "I will be a year and a half older and I think Dick Brewbaker would be a fantastic candidate. I think Dick Brewbaker is a very politically alert individual and is looking at this."
If he decides to run for reelection, Dixon said Brewbaker would be a great opponent. And, if he doesn't, the senator said Brewbaker would be a great candidate.
"The main thing is every four years it is anybody’s seat," Dixon said.
Brewbaker said, if Dixon did retire and not seek reelection, that six or seven Republicans would probably jump in the race.
"Especially if Larry decides not to run, that race will attract people like magnets," he said.
Brewbaker said a Senate race requires more planning.
"If I am going to run, I have got to start laying the groundwork this summer," he said. " ... I will begin the process of at least getting organized. It's all about timing and whether or not a run is practical."
Senate District 25 includes Montgomery and Elmore counties.
Brewbaker, who was recently appointed to the Pike Road Town Council to fulfill an unexpired term, served in the House of Representatives from 2002 until 2006.
He said he decided against running again in 2006 because of the health of one of his sons and because members of the minority party in the House have little effect on the chamber's direction. Brewbaker said "God has been good" and his son's health "is on a very even keel."
This year, Brewbaker said the economy and the status of his automotive business will also be a factor.
He also believes he could have more impact as a senator, which has only 35 members compared to 105 in the House.
The possibility of being elected is exciting, Brewbaker said, because there will be a change in the governor's office, in other statewide offices and in some faces in the Legislature.

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