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Monday, April 6, 2009

Riley Spokesman Fires Back over Gambling Group Ads

In case you missed it, Gov. Bob Riley's Director of Communications Jeff Emerson had a few words for the group that's running ads in support for legalized electronic bingo.

A press release went out on Saturday criticizing the group for not disclosing its contributors. Here is a little taste of what Emerson had to say:

"Why are these folks afraid to step forward and tell us who they are?" asks Jeff Emerson, communications director for Gov. Riley, in the release. "Is it because of their links to casino operators inside and outside Alabama? This is the kind of sleazy, shady tactics you get with illegal gambling. They think if they don't let people know who they are, they can continue spreading lies and won't be held to account."

Emerson says "that the attack ad trots out the same old lies used against Gov. Riley by the Alabama Democrat Party in earlier campaigns. Those lies were investigated by the press. Gov. Riley answered all questions that came his way and the people of Alabama rejected their low-road tactics."

"These lies weren't true in 2002, they weren't true in 2006 and they're not true today," Emerson said. "Unlike the so-called 'Sweet Home Alabama Coalition,' all contributions made to the Riley for Governor campaign were publicly disclosed. Now, those same old lies are back in the attack ad paid for by the Sweet Home Alabama Coalition, whose contributors are unknown and undisclosed.

"Their bill to expand illegal gambling doesn't have enough support, so they're resorting to a campaign of lies attacking Gov. Riley. They're not concerned about the truth. They're certainly not concerned about the people of Alabama. They just want to line their own pockets and make millions from illegal gambling," Emerson said. "It's disgraceful. No wonder they want to keep their identities a secret. They know what they're saying about the governor isn't true and that is why they hide behind a made-up group that's afraid to show their faces. I guess that makes them not only liars, but also cowards."

-- posted by Markeshia Ricks


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