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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dial will try to repeal pay raise

State Sen. Gerald Dial said Wednesday he would file a resolution to repeal the 62 percent pay raise that state lawmakers voted for themselves almost four years ago.
Dial, R-Lineville, said his resolution would restore the legislative expenses and salaries back to the 2006 level.
As one of their first acts after the 2006 election, lawmakers voted themselves a more than 60 percent increase in compensation in 2007.
"The pay raise granted in 2007 costs the taxpayers some $3 million per year, or $12 million over a four-year period," Dial said. "At the time it was passed, it was a bad idea. It is still a bad idea today with so many Alabamians out of work. Serving in the Alabama Legislature is not a full-time job, and the salaries should reflect that."
The senator said those who give their salary to charity are giving away money that should be returned to taxpayers.
"We all believe in helping charities, but this money belongs to taxpayers and should go to the general fund or education trust fund," he said.

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