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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beckman plans to use money from raise for district office, staff

While some Republican legislators who helped ride into office and into the majority slamming a more than 60 percent pay raise that Democrats approved for themselves, new state Rep. Paul Beckman plans to open an office with staff in his district to help constituents.
Beckman defeated state Rep. Mac Gipson of Prattville in the Republican primary. He repeatedly criticized Gipson for voting for the pay raise, which legislators approved in 2007 as one of their first acts of business after the 2006 election.
Beckman, according to a release from his office, is opening the office "so his constituents would always have access in the district and this would not require trying to arrange a time to meet and a trip to the Capitol."
After campaigning on using the money to establish a district office instead of personally pocketing the money, Beckman believes he should keep that promise instead of refusing the increased salary.
"If a vote comes up to repeal the 61 percent increase I will vote in favor of the repeal," Beckman said. "And of course I will vote against any proposed increases in the future. I will add that I am not opposed to refusing the yearly cost of living increase. I made the promise to maintain an office for my constituents because I believe in a transparent and accessible government."
His office will be at 364 East Main St. in Prattville and should soon have a working phone and staff.

-- posted by Sebastian Kitchen

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