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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dem chair not stepping down ... yet

Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Joe Turnham said he has not resigned from his position, but is "tired and very ready to move on."
"I told a lot of Democrats privately that I do not plan to serve much longer," Turnham said. He said he did not plan to stay too long after the election regardless of whether Democrats won or lost.
Some rumors circulated in the blogosphere that Turnham stepped down after the drubbing that Democrats received on Nov. 2, but he said that was false.
"I would never just resign and walk out the door," he said.
He attributed the sweeping Democratic losses to the national climate.
"It was a rough day," Turnham said.
Read more of the Montgomery Advertiser's interview with Turnham in the newspaper and online on Sunday. He talks about the upcoming stable of Democratic candidates, about getting new blood into the party, and about successes during his tenure.

-- posted by Sebastian Kitchen

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