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Monday, August 16, 2010

GOP Extends its Hand to Alabama Voters

Republicans are extending their hand to the people of Alabama and asking for control of both chambers of the State Legislature this year.

With GOP elected officials and hopefuls surrounding him, House Minority Leader and Alabama Republican Party Chairman Mike Hubbard said Monday that like the five fingers of the hand, he and his fellow party members have five specific things they would do if they gain control of the Legislature.

What is being called the “Republican Handshake with Alabama” would address job creation and other economic opportunities, measures to stop wasteful government spending, ending corruption in state government, illegal immigration and fighting against the federal government.

The five agenda items also throw their support behind the Republican gubernatorial nominee Dr. Robert Bentley, whom Hubbard said he believes will be the next governor of Alabama.

More specifically the agenda, under these five issues, would do the following:

-- Build on Republican gubernatorial nominee Dr. Robert Bentley’s job-creation tax that was passed successfully during the 2010 legislative session.
-- Expand the small business health insurance tax credit for employers and employees who pay for health insurance
-- Support Bentley’s creation of a cabinet-level office of small business creation
-- Fight to ensure Alabama remains a right-to-work state and the secret ballot is preserved
-- Implement a new budgeting process
-- Ban double dipping by public officials
-- Require lobbyists to report every dime they spend on those officials
-- Push for immigration legislation similar to what was passed in Arizona
-- Fight back against what Republicans see as the “Washington, D.C. power grab”

“We’re saying, put us in charge and we will pass these things,” Hubbard said. “Give us a chance to do it.”

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