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Thursday, August 12, 2010

VictoryLand reopens track, but not bingo and hotel

VictoryLand is inviting people to come to the facility beginning at 5 p.m. today (Thursday) when the greyhound racing and pari-mutuel betting facility reopen.
The hotel will remain closed and bingo will not be offered, according to a statement from VictoryLand.
"However, their future availability will be evaluated on a daily basis," according to the statement.
The casino, in the statement, also contends that "Yesterday, Governor Riley and John Tyson went down in defeat. In Greene County, where they arrested 16 people, they lost every single case."
Other comments from the statement:

"The task force they claim is so vital to prevent gambling has not arrested one person on a gambling charge. Yet they have spent millions of taxpayer dollars and filed not one single criminal case."

The statement also commented on the unanimous ruling from the Alabama Supreme Court released on Wednesday that did not allow for an immediate raid of VictoryLand by Riley's Task Force on Illegal Gambling, which is commanded by Tyson.
"Yesterday, the sheriff and the district attorney of Macon County inspected the reconfigured Victoryland and confirmed electronic bingo is not available on the premises, although both men agree that it is and has been legal. As any citizen would, we will enforce the constitutional rights which protect our homes and businesses from illegal invasion and entry."
Tyson and the task force have prevailed in almost every other ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court.

-- posted by Sebastian Kitchen

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