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Monday, May 18, 2009

Little pleads guilty to DUI

Alabama Senate Majority Leader Zeb Little pleaded guilty on Monday to driving under the influence and having an open container of liquor in his vehicle during a traffic stop in early April, according to the Associated Press.
The Cullman Democrat appeared in Jefferson County District court on Monday, when Judge Sheldon Watkins fined him $625 and gave him a 30-day suspended sentence. He also loses his license for 90 days, according to the report.
Watkins dismissed charges of driving with an expired driver's license and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.
According to previous reports, a passer-by alerted a state trooper on a Friday afternoon of a crash involving two vehicles on Interstate 65 in Birmingham. The passer-by pointed out one of the vehicles after it apparently drove away.
The passing vehicle was a 2008 GMC pickup truck with damage to the front side. Authorities identified Little as the driver. Little had alcohol on his breath and had an open container in the vehicle, the trooper who pulled him over reported. The senator refused to take a chemical sobriety test, according to the Associated Press report at the time.
"DUI is a terrible offense and what I did was wrong, dangerous and irresponsible. I am prepared to accept the consequences of what I did," Little said in a statement following the April arrest. "But most of all, I apologize to my wife and children, who deserve so much better from me than this."

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