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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Davis leads potential rivals in poll

U.S. Rep. Artur Davis released information on Tuesday showing him ahead of potential rivals in his run to become the state's next governor.

The polling shows Davis, who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2010, far ahead of Democrats, Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks and Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb, and with a five-point lead over Republican Bradley Byrne, the chancellor of the state's two-year college system who is expected to enter the race soon.

According to the poll, which was conducted by Democratic pollster Anzalone-Liszt Research of Montgomery, Davis leads Sparks 56-26 and Cobb 54-25.

"While Artur Davis may not be the preferred candidate with political insiders at the state Capitol, it is clear that his message of strengthening our economy and cleaning up state government is catching on with voters around the state," said Davis spokesperson Anna Ruth Williams. "At this stage, Congressman Davis is in a very strong position in the primary and general elections against his leading Democratic and Republican rivals."

Sparks, who cannot run for a third consecutive term as commissioner, has announced he is running. Cobb, who is in her first term as chief justice, has been speculated as a possible candidate.

In a sample of likely Democratic voters, blacks were 46 percent of the voters polled. About three-fourths of black voters said they supported Davis, who also finished close to Cobb and Sparks among white Democrats.

Davis also finished well in the state's major media markets including Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville and Mobile.

In a separate poll of 600 general election voters, the congressman was ahead of Byrne 43-38. Davis considers Byrne the likely frontrunner on the Republican side.
The survey also shows that President Barack Obama has a high approval rating in the state of 58 percent, including support from 46 percent of white voters.

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