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Monday, November 23, 2009

Steckel: 'One's Words and One's Actions Must Match'

Alabama Medicaid Commissioner Carol Steckel said that her Facebook comment exchanges with Alabama Broadband Initiative Kathy Johnson were "in no way a reflection on my thoughts about the quality of her work.'

Johnson and Steckel, both who are appointees of the governor, got into a verbal spat over comments that Johnson posted about Bill Johnson, a Republican candidate for governor.

Steckel said the following in a note from her personal E-mail address Saturday:

"My comments were solely based on she and her husband's constant comments regarding Governor Riley's ethics and integrity. I recall Mr. Johnson saying several times throughout the campaign "you get one of us you get both", well then it appears that when he says "we" he means both himself and his wife and their positions on issues are the same. While we all know the taxpayers pay our salaries, and as a Cabinet officer I take very seriously my obligation to the taxpayers of Alabama, it is the Governor that hires both of us and the Governor that sets the State's policies regarding the work that I do as a Cabinet Officer and that she does as a Gubernatorial staff member. It is only rationalizing to say that she "works for the taxpayers." If she and her husband truly believe Governor Riley is unethical and has no integrity, my only question is why does she still work for him? There comes a point in time that one's words and one's actions must match."

Carol Steckel

-- posted by Markeshia Ricks


Anonymous ilona@israel said...

That is good. I have recently read about Mr. Johnson. but I am not agree with the Governor.
Anyway, thanks for your nice blog post.
Best of luck to you.


November 24, 2009 at 4:27 PM  

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