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Friday, November 20, 2009

Facebook Rumble: Kathy Johnson v. Carol Hermann Steckel

Two of Gov. Bob Riley's employees -- Kathy Johnson, director of the Alabama Broadband Initiative and Medicaid Commissioner Carol Herrmann Steckel -- apparently got into a Facebook war of words sometime between Thursday night and early Friday.

Johnson, attempting to fire up supporters for her husband and Republican candidate for governor Bill Johnson, made a post on her Facebook page to which Steckel apparently objected.

Bill Johnson has been hammering at his former boss, Riley, over a multi-million dollar no-bid contract and has also accused Riley of taking Indian casino gambling money. Riley made Bill Johnson step down from his post as director of the Alabama Department of Community and Economic Affairs when he learned that he intended to run for governor.

Read the exchange from Kathy Johnson's Facebook page:

Kathy Johnson Bill Johnson for honesty, integrity and transparency in state government! Only 7 months until the primary--time to get fired up!!!
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Kathy Reynolds
Is your hubby running for office?
4 hours ago

Carol Herrmann Steckel
Honesty and Integrity -- oh please. Anyone but Bill Johnson -- who turned on his mentor and whose partner still works for the Governor. Kathy -- if Governor Riley is as bad as your husband says he is why do you still work for him. What hypocrites you both are.
3 hours ago

Kathy Johnson
Carol, your comments are very rude and hurtful; however, I will be glad to respond. You and I report to the Governor, but we all work for the citizens of Alabama. We are paid by the people of Alabama and our loyalty is to God first, family second and friends/jobs third. Your attack is against me. This is not about me and my work to help the Governor spread access and use of broadband to all residents and businesses of the state. It is a much needed project, especially for our most rural and left behind communities. I am honored the Governor appointed me to work on this critical project and will continue to work toward making a difference despite attacks such as yours.
about an hour ago

-- posted by Markeshia Ricks


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