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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alabama GOP Launches Campaign 2010 Web site

The Alabama Republican Party officially launched its Campaign 2010 website – Tuesday.

The site, which will serve as the Alabama GOP's official election center for 2010, will also be an engine for the party’s continued fundraising efforts.

Visitors to can sign up to join our grassroots team, receive email updates, donate, invite their friends and host a Campaign 2010 promotional event.

While the Alabama2010 website will not replace the Alabama Republican Party’s main home on the web (, it will serve as the one-stop shop for all things 2010.

Philip Bryan, Communications Director for the State Party, touts the website as just one more element in the overall 2010 strategy.

“Chairman Hubbard’s successful fundraising efforts have put us in a position to implement tools such as this website, and we are fortunate that donors keep buying into our plan,” Bryan said. “Alabama2010 is an opportunity for Alabamians to get involved in a movement, a movement that is 135 years in the making and a chance to move our state forward."

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