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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

James continues to slam "Obama-care"

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James said in a statement Wednesday that, if elected governor, "I would resist Obama-care at every turn."
"While there needs to be more competition in health care, government-run health care solves nothing and only makes matters worse," said the Greenville businessman and son of former Gov. Fob James.
James and most, if not all, of the other eight candidates for governor have spoken out against health are proposals being considered by Congress.
The candidate, in his second run for governor, was responding to comments from Robert Gibbs, an Alabama native who is press secretary for President Barack Obama, on Fox News.
"Robert Gibbs specifically stated that Alabama would be a prime state for a federal takeover of our health care," James said. "That's a clear signal to everyone, especially our Alabama congressional delegation, that there is no middle ground, no negotiation with this administration on health care. They have one goal and that is to control our lives."
Obama addresses a joint session of Congress tonight to discuss overhauling health care.

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