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Monday, May 4, 2009

Moore prepping for 2010 run

Dwight Lindsey of Theodore, telling potential supporters he is a district coordinator for Judge Roy Moore for Governor, sent out the following e-mail:

Would you like to have America restored?

We must unite for the cause of bringing this nation back to the people. My name is Dwight Lindsey, District 1 Coordinator for Judge Roy Moore for Governor. I am seeking patriot's in your county to be a part of this great movement. First, we need leaders in your county to help in the campaign and secondly, pledges for donations are needed. On June 1, it is expected that donations from every county in the State AND every state in the nation will come in. (the web sight will be announced soon)

People just like you has started a movement to restore America. Will you be a part? Please contact me if you will by volunteering at a capacity your comfortable with and or if you will be part of the hundreds of thousands making a pledge.

Praying you will step up,

Dwight Lindsey
(Dist. Coordinator)


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