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Friday, May 29, 2009

Davis, Riley Press Release Feud Continues

Gov. Bob Riley's Director of Communications Jeff Emerson sent SUS the following e-mail:

I got a copy of the response put out by Congressman Davis. Below are, once again, my comments on these statements.

Davis (via spokesman Alex Goepfert): "Unfortunately, the Riley administration has decided to turn a request for help into a partisan campaign offensive"

Emerson: A request for help? If you really want to request help, you call. You don’t send out a press release. This isn’t a request for help. It’s obviously a bad publicity stunt. And how do we know? We know because the first the Governor’s office heard about this so-called ‘request for help’ is when four different reporters called asking for a response.

Davis: "Once again, the congressman renews his invitation to ADECA and the Alabama Department of Transportation…”

Emerson: If he wants to invite folks to a meeting, why didn’t he send an invitation? He didn’t. He sent out a campaign press release.

Davis: " Regretfully, instead of accepting Congressman Davis' invitation…”

Emerson: Again, he has never issued such an invitation. A press release is not a real invitation. Just like a press release is also not a letter to the Governor.

Davis: "While it may be news to the governor's office, Congressman Davis and his staff regularly receive concerns from community leaders around the Black Belt about the flow of stimulus dollars. In addition, these leaders have complained that some of the poorest, most distressed counties in Alabama are lagging behind in receiving federal stimulus dollars.”

Emerson: Then again, the congressman needs to scoot on down to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. because the Obama Administration has paid out less than 6 percent of the stimulus money to states.

Davis: "Finally, Congressman Davis and Governor Riley have a strong disagreement on the governor's refusal to accept federal funds to extend unemployment benefits to part-time workers…”

Emerson: And once again, the congressman is not being truthful when he says this. It is not and never has been up to Governor Riley to “accept” or “reject” these funds. The law Congressman Davis voted for but never read makes Alabama ineligible for this money. In order for Alabama to receive it, the state Legislature has to change the law and so far, they have not. Until they do, Alabama can’t receive this part of the stimulus.

-- posted by Markeshia Ricks


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