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Friday, May 29, 2009

Davis Spokesman Battles Back

Alex Goepfert, a spokesman for U. S. Rep. Artur Davis' congressional office, issued the following statement this Friday afternoon in response to attacks launched by the governor’s office:

“Unfortunately, the Riley administration has decided to turn a request for help into a partisan campaign offensive and a personal attack. Regretfully, instead of accepting Congressman Davis’ invitation to meet with community leaders and elected officials in the 7th District to hear firsthand their concerns about the stimulus, the governor’s office has resorted to political attacks.

“While it may be news to the governor’s office, Congressman Davis and his staff regularly receive concerns from community leaders around the Black Belt about the flow of stimulus dollars. In addition, these leaders have complained that some of the poorest, most distressed counties in Alabama are lagging behind in receiving federal stimulus dollars. Various news organizations have recounted these concerns during the past several months.

Stimulus yet to reach 'double-whammied' Selma

Ala counties with high unemployment left off list

“Once again, the congressman renews his invitation to ADECA and the Alabama Department of Transportation to come to Selma, Alabama on Monday, June 22nd to experience for themselves the frustrations that the congressman heard personally as recently as this morning in Wilcox County, where he met with county commissioners regarding their deep concerns about Alabama’s execution of the stimulus package.

“Finally, Congressman Davis and Governor Riley have a strong disagreement on the governor’s refusal to accept federal funds to extend unemployment benefits to part-time workers. Rather than revisit this philosophical difference between the congressman and the governor, we hope that the governor will recognize the seriousness of the concerns raised in Congressman Davis’ letter and will work with our office to produce a better, more effective process. "

-- posted by Markeshia Ricks


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