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Thursday, March 10, 2011

"STOP JUAN CROW": Opponents of bill targeting illegal immigrants rally at State House

People opposing an Arizona-style bill that they believe will lead to racial profiling and cost the state heavily to defend it in court rallied in front of the State House on Thursday.
They carried handmade signs that read: "Stop Juan Crow," "Don't spend my taxdollars on your hate," and "This country was built by immigrants."
A House committee already passed the bill and it now goes to the full House for consideration. Many observers expect the Legislature to pass a bill this year targeting illegal immigration.
If the bill passes, people who are here illegally could be arrested for trespassing just for being in Alabama and those who cannot produce papers documenting their legal status can be jailed indefinitely.
Proponents of the bill said it is needed because of the costs of health care, school, law enforcement, and lost tax revenue due to illegal immigration.
Speakers on Thursday said the bill has already cost other cities and states, including Arizona, millions to defend similar legislation in court.
A translator was there on Thursday to relay the words of the speakers to the Spanish-speakers in the crowd. More than 100 people attended the rally.
Those protesting the bill at the Celebrating a Diverse Alabama Rally included religious leaders, Welcoming Alabama, the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama, Center for Progress in Alabama, Southern Poverty Law Center, Alabama American Civil Liberties Union, and Alabama Appleseed Center for Law & Justice. They are part of the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice.

-- posted by Sebastian Kitchen

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