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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bentley appoints members to key boards

Not long after asking two key state panels to stop making policy for his administration to review them, Gov. Robert Bentley appointed members to two key health care committees.
Bentley appointed members to the Certificate of Need Review Board or CON Board and the State Health Coordinating Council or SHCC.
Bentley signed an executive order rescinding an order he signed on Jan. 18 that called for a moratorium on action from the boards.
"I have full confidence in the newly appointed members of both the CON and SHCC boards," Bentley said in a statement. "Those I appointed, or re-appointed, have a wealth of experience in their respective fields and will make the right decisions as they serve in their capacity as board members."
The members of the Certificate of Need Review Board are: Dr. Swaid N. Swaid, Dr. Herb Stone, Dr. Bob Sheppard, former state Rep. Neal Morrison, Guice Slawson Jr., General Ed Crowell, Hodges Washington, Dr. Michael Gosney and Dr. Chris Harmon.
The members of the State Health Coordinating Council are: Dr. Ruth Yates, Dr. James Walburn, Dr. Vera Soong, Ruth Harrell, Dr. Gillis Payne, Dr. McCain Ashurst, Dr. Theodis Buggs, Dr. Tommy Bender, Dr. Jeff Underwood III, Robbie Owen, Brenda Culver, William Smith, Rebecca Thrasher, Judy Merritt, John Killian, Brandon Farmer, Mary Holcomb, Rep. Jim McClendon, Sen. Greg Reed, Ross Gunnells, Mary Sue McClurkin, F.Wayne Pate, and Rep. April Weaver.

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