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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hubbard Elected Speaker, Gaston Speaker Pro-Tem

Rep. Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, has been elected the next speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives.

Hubbard, who helped orchestrate the Republican takeover of both chambers of the Alabama Legislature, said he was humbled by the confidence 100 of his colleagues who were present to vote Wednesday placed in him. There were no no votes.

Hubbard praised outgoing Speaker Seth Hammett for his leadership. Hammett has been speaker the entire 12 years that Hammett has been a member of the House.

Hubbard said that today is not about partisanship, but fulfilling the words on the seal of the House of Representatives seal -- vox populi, or voice of the people.

"It doesn't say 'voice of the powerful', or 'voice of the special interest' or 'voice of the campaign contributors'. It says 'voice of the people,'" Hubbard said. "We'll work everyday to make sure your voice is heard in this chamber."

The members present also voted unanimously for Rep. Victor Gaston, a Republican from Mobile, to be the next speaker pro tempore.

Clerk of the House Greg Pappas has obtained tenure and does not need to be re-elected.

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