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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Preuitt releases statement on dropping out

The following is a statement released by state Sen. Jim Preuitt on deciding not to run for another term, a decision that has shocked some people after he switched parties this year and was running as a Republican.

"After weeks of careful thought, I have made one of the most difficult decisions of my public life and that is to not seek reelection to the Alabama Senate.
I have been both honored and blessed to serve in public office in several capacities for almost three decades. My family has always supported and believed in my public service and I will always appreciate the sacrifices they made so that I could serve.
It is my hope that my service has resulted in a better quality of life for the people I have represented. No doubt everyone I represent has at times disagreed with positions I have taken, but I believe my constituents know that I have always made decisions based on what I thought was the right thing to do. Some have even called me stubborn when it comes to sticking with what I believe in.
Through the years I have been involved in some of the toughest and hardest fought legislative battles and certainly some of the most hotly contested and expensive elections. The reason I have been successful in the public arena is because I have believed in a cause, gave it all I had and have always known in my heart it was what needed to be done.
The simple truth is that my heart is not in this race. Some of my fondest memories are from my campaigns, but campaigns are hard work. My age and my health are not what they once were. The time is right to slow down and enjoy time with my family.

I cannot in good conscience continue in this race and ask people for their support if my heart is not in it. The people of this district deserve 110 percent from those that represent them and if I cannot provide that level of commitment I cannot ask for their support.
Rona and I cannot begin to express our gratitude to the people of this district for the great honor of not only serving and working with them, but also knowing them.
It is my request that the local election officials work with the secretary of state of Alabama so that a replacement candidate can be selected for my position on the ballot. The people of this district deserve to have a choice and there is no reason this cannot be accomplished."

-- posted by Sebastian Kitchen



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