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Friday, February 26, 2010

National Journal names Bright Most Conservative Democrat

The National Journal released its 2009 Vote Ratings Friday, which is a comprehensive examination of voting patterns for the first session of the 111th Congress. The publication named U.S. Rep. Bobby Bright the most conservative Democrat, and among the “centrists” in the House. According to the study, his voting record is more conservative than 11 Republicans. For its vote study, the National Journal examines 92 "specific and significant" votes cast, as opposed to procedural and non-controversial votes.

“I came to Washington to keep my country strong and represent my constituents- not a political party or special interest,” Bright said in a statement Friday. “Publication after publication has affirmed my independent-minded approach, and I will continue to put the interests of my country and district first.

"People across America are demanding that Congress work together to improve the economy and get our fiscal house in order. We can’t do this unless we put aside partisan politics. I stand ready to work with anyone to solve these pressing issues without compromising my core values. I hope more will join me in the coming months.”

Bright has previously been named the second-most independent member of Congress by Congressional Quarterly and the Washington Post. He said ratings show that too many members are at the extremes, and the American people are the loser when members of Congress are so strongly divided.

“The middle is where we solve serious problems and our country does its best work," Bright said in the statement. "As we conduct the people’s business, all members would be well-served to take the National Journal study to heart.”

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