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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Davis camp criticizes Sparks for latest announcement

Ron Sparks' opponent in the Democratic primary for governor is bashing him for his latest announcement, saying he has not shown he is committed to run for the office.
Sparks, the state's two-term agriculture commissioner, cannot run for a third consecutive term. He announced Tuesday he was staying in the race for governor after considering a run for Congress in the 5th District in northern Alabama.
National Democrats, including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, encouraged him to run for the office after U.S. Rep. Parker Griffith decided to switch parties. Democrats are looking for a strong candidate to run against Griffith or the other eventual winner of the Republican primary.
Davis' spokesman, Alex Goepfert , pointed out that Sparks has considered runs for Congress, lieutenant governor, and governor and has said he would like to run for another term as agriculture commissioner.
"While Artur Davis is focused on a bold new agenda for our state, Ron Sparks has spent the last week trying to get permission from his political bosses in Montgomery to see if they would let him run for Congress in a district he does not even live in," Goepfert said in a statement. " ... There is a reason why Ron Sparks continues to lag way behind Artur Davis in every poll -- he has no core convictions, believes in nothing and as a result will say anything, and the last thing he ought to be is governor of Alabama."

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