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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ivey says 'Thanks for the compliment, but...'

State Treasurer Kay Ivey, a Republican candidate for governor, thanked Democratic gubernatorial candidate Artur Davis for comments he made about her during a recent campaign stop to unveil his plans to save the state money if he is elected, but that was about all she could find to be thankful for when it came to the rest of what he said Monday.

Ivey released the following statement Tuesday: “I thank Artur Davis for recognizing my leadership in bringing more transparency and accountability to state government.

"But he has some strange ideas for accomplishing it. He says he’s the only candidate who favors a constitutional convention. There’s a reason he’s alone on that – it’s a bad idea.

"Mr. Davis also wants to reduce outsourcing state work to the private sector; instead he would swell the state payroll when we’re already under proration. And he says he’ll give us yet another 'special commission' to identify wasteful spending.

"I’m happy to spare Mr. Davis the trouble by sharing the tips I learned by cutting nearly $5 million in addition to proration cuts out of the State Treasurer’s budget in administrative overhead. We don’t need to elect a governor who needs on-the-job training; we need a leader who delivers effective results as I have done as treasurer and will continue to do as governor.”

Ivey is one of seven vying for the Republican nomination for governor. She will face former state Chancellor Bradley Byrne, state Rep. Robert Bentley, former director of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs Bill Johnson, Greenville businessman Tim James, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and James Potts in the Republican primary in June 2010.
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