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Thursday, July 9, 2009

John Knight angry over subpoena

The two sides in a bitter fight over removing Joe Reed's name from the Acadome at Alabama State University bickered with each other before and after a court hearing on the issue on Thursday.
John Knight, a powerful state legislator from Montgomery and executive vice president at Alabama State University,
was angry about how he received his subpoena to appear. He said he did not know what day he received it, but he said he was going out to get his newspaper at 5:45 a.m. when someone jumped out of a vehicle close to Reed's house and ran toward him. The men live close to one another.
"He almost got hurt," Knight told Reed.
Knight said all somebody had to do was deliver the subpoena to the university's attorney.
Knight's comments were during bickering before the hearing. Some of the attorneys for the plaintiffs apologized to Knight for how he received the subpoena.
The bickering continued after the meeting in the hallway outside the courtroom.
Knight, a decorated war veteran, said "jumping out of a car and running. ... He could have been shot. I'm from Vietnam."
In the hall, some ASU board members said the situation had gone on long enough and asked Reed "you want your name on that building that bad."
Reed informed them the situation "was just getting started."
Knight and Reed, both powerful black officials in the state, said there other issues they were "not going to give on."
The hearing on Thursday was preliminary and the judge did not rule.

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