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Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey Governor, How's Your Hand?

Gov. Bob Riley should be getting a bit of writer's cramp by today. He's been signing bills left and right this week and the Friday of the long Memorial Day Weekend was no exception. Here's a summary of where Riley's been putting his John Hancock:

  • Hops are free: Riley signed a bill that allows the sale of beers with higher alcohol content.

  • Plane Truth Act: requires all future governors to post records on state aircraft use.

  • Signed two laws that 1) ensures that adults can be prosecuted for using computers to solicit children for sex, even if the person they are communicating with is not a child, but a law enforcement officer posing as a child as part of a sting operation, and 2) requires local law enforcement agencies to verify the physical address where an adult criminal sex offender intends to reside upon release from prison. The new law also prohibits sex offenders who don’t provide a proper physical address from early release.

  • Ofc. Keith Houts Act: bill criminalizes eluding an officer.

  • Signed a bill that sets experience requirements for judges.

  • Signed a bill that restricts sex offenders from living within a certain distance of college and university campuses.

  • Signed a bill aimed at making it easier for children of military personnel to transfer to new schools when their parents get new assignments.

  • Signed a child labor reform act.

-- posted by Markeshia Ricks


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