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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bedford strongly considering run for governor

Powerful State Sen. Roger Bedford, chairman of one of the Senate's budget committees, said Thursday he is strongly considering a run for governor in 2010.
Bedford, a north Alabama Democrat, said he has received encouragement to run since Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom Jr. said on Wednesday that he was running for reelection and not governor.
"I think Alabama needs strong leadership ," Bedford said.
The senator said he could decide as early as next week.
"It looks very positive right now," he said.
Bedford said he has the resources to win and would work hard.
"If I run, I intend to win," he said.
Bedford said he understands how the Legislature works and wants to ensure the state meets the needs of children and senior citizens. He said he would also like to continue the work of Gov. Bob Riley on economic development.
U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham, is the only Democrat to announce he is running. He is a Montgomery native.
Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks, a Democrat, has an announcement planned for Friday at several locations in the state including Montgomery to share his intentions for 2010.

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